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1. Wendigo Duo
2. Covert Front 4
3. Bubble Billiards
4. Paper Dodge
5. Jugglers
6. Space is Key 2
7. SpaceSurvivors
8. GravityPop
9. Moose Jump
10. A-Safe Rack Attack
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5. Crazy Flasher 3
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1. Street Fighter Onl..
2. Ultimate Flash Sonic
3. Graffiti Creator
4. War on Terrorism
5. Bloody Rage
6. Stick Arena
7. Runescape
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  Favorite Games (100)
31Electricman 2 HS (3164kb)
by [DX Interactive]
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Category: Action > Fighting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 65 / 228649 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.11 of 5.00 (from 165 ratings)

Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stickman universe. The current champion has never been beaten. Any combination of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers can be used to wipe out your opponents   submitted 03/13/07
32Slap the Monkey (260kb)
by [h69.net]
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Category: Miscellaneous
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 80 / 367665 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.76 of 5.00 (from 761 ratings)

See how fast you can slap the monkey   submitted 03/20/04
33RaidenX (2818kb)
by Go0gley
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Platform Shooter
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 75 / 309453 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.03 of 5.00 (from 279 ratings)

RaidenX is a 2D vertical-shooter Flash game created as a tribute to the classics Raiden and Raiden II   submitted 07/1/05
34Nanaca Crash (1455kb)
by lledoece
- view all games by author

Category: Skill > Aiming
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 82 / 344690 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.20 of 5.00 (from 424 ratings)

Nanaca Crash is a Flash game which uses anime characters from an adult PC and PlayStation 2 game called Cross Channel. Nanaca Crash is not itself an adult game though; it's similar to the "penguin launching" game which was popular on the Internet a while back.   submitted 04/27/05
35Heli Attack 2 (513kb)
by [Square Circle Co]
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Platform Scroller
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 89 / 415215 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.99 of 5.00 (from 323 ratings)

Destroy as many helicopters as you can without dying.   submitted 12/10/03
36Snow Craft (230kb)
by [Kevin Chiu]
- view all games by author

Category: Action
Format: Shockwave
Avg Play: 71 / 411771 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.89 of 5.00 (from 280 ratings)

Play is amazing and fun game of a snow ball showdown. Control your friends as they battle against the opposing team.   submitted 03/2/99
373 Foot Ninja (1026kb)
by [Techradium,Inc]
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Fighting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 53 / 254942 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.27 of 5.00 (from 124 ratings)

On your quest to find your destiny, you'll face many obstacles and many enemies. Use the power of your sword wisely and swiftly, for your enemies are numerous and deadly. Find the 5 Lost Scrolls of the Elders.   submitted 08/5/03
38Nintendo RPG (329kb)
by [Nintendo Specials!]
- view all games by author

Category: Adventure
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 37 / 207323 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 2.68 of 5.00 (from 204 ratings)

Interesting mixture of characters from some of Nintendo's popular game titles such as zelda and megaman. Following a fun story line and defeat other characters.   submitted 03/28/01
39War on Terrorism 2 (1098kb)
by [Techradium,Inc]
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Target Shooting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 71 / 351712 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.44 of 5.00 (from 160 ratings)

It is round two of the war oin terrorism. Time to kick some butt.   submitted 03/30/03
40Teen Titans Battle Blitz
by [Cartoon Network]
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Fighting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 35 / 166174 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.66 of 5.00 (from 115 ratings)

Teen Titans Battle Blitz is a Web-based, yet fast-paced fighting game in the tradition of Street Fighter II. Based on the new series on the Cartoon Network, players can choose any of the show's five heroes and battle their way through a rogue's gallery of villains to eventually the horrifying man-beast known as Plasmus!   submitted 10/4/03

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