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TITLE: Eternal Red
CATEGORY: Flash : Action > Platform Scroller
AVERAGE RATING: 2.75 of 5.00 (from 8 ratings)
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    A and D: Move
    W: Jump
    Mouse: Move cursor
    Left Click: Select / Shoot
    Mouse Wheel: Change weapons (when available)
    E: Change Weapons (when available)
    R: Reload
    P: Pause
    Note: Keys can be remapped in the pause menu.
    A hybrid defense and platformer game. Build your defenses then back them up with your own weapon! Choose to build and upgrade defenses.

    Prevent the waves of shadow creeps from getting from one portal to the other. Build sentry guns, set floor traps, and arm yourself strategically to survive 70 waves of enemies.

    Clicking on the various floor panels and sentry mounts will bring up menus to build and upgrade your equipment. You can also click on your own character and arm him with various weapons to help defend against the oncoming enemies.

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