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TITLE: Thing Thing 4
CATEGORY: Flash : Action > Platform Shooter
AVERAGE RATING: 4.25 of 5.00 (from 20 ratings)
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    ASDW = Move Around
    SHIFT+ASDW = Run
    W,W = Double Jump
    W+Back = Backflip
    E or Mouse Wheel = Weapon Select
    Q or Mouse Wheel Button = Melee Weapon
    SPACE = Swap or Throw Weapon
    Thing-Thing 4 has the same familiar feel, but includes many improvements over the previous games. For starters, there's a melee weapon (a lead pipe) that you can use to beat your enemies senseless when you're out of ammo. There's also a new weapon system that allows you to keep two different weapons equipped and switch between them. You can also throw empty guns at enemies to knock them back a little while you switch to a loaded weapon. Other new features include awesome boss fights, secret rooms and unlockables, and a highscore system that lets you view the characters who earned the top scores!

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