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1JavaPingPong (80kb)
by Matthias Burg
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Category: Java : Classics > Pong
Average Rating: 3.00 of 5.00 (from 3 ratings)

JavaPingPong is the classic PingPong game for two player. The game also offers a computer intelligence with three levels if you want to play it alone. It has a lot of powerups which allow to build up walls, stretching, pasting, etc. Furthermore it uses raytraced images.   submitted 01/9/01
2JavaMiner (250kb)
by Matthias Burg
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Category: Java 1.1 : Classics
Average Rating: None

JavaMiner is an arcade game for one player. You control the miner, who has to collect all the diamonds in the level. There are hostiles, who try to hinder the miner. If a hostile touches the miner, the miner loses a life. There is also gold in the levels, which the miner can collect. The miner is only able to collect the gold if the gold bag is broken. The gold bags break if the miner digs a way just under them, so that they fall down. Falling gold bags can kill the miner and the hostiles. Including a web based highscore list!   submitted 01/30/04

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