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 Online Games > Search > m|44163 (2)
1Shapion (343kb)
by Gary Duke
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Category: Shockwave : Mind > Puzzle
Average Rating: None

Shapion (pronounced 'shay-peon') is a non-violent, brain-engaging 3D game. You may recall the late 70's toy, Perfection, which inspired this game :) The movement of the Shapion game pieces is very realistic due to the integration of a complex 3D physics engine called "Havok". Enjoy!   submitted 03/17/04
2Cabeem (13kb)
by Gary Duke
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Category: Java : Mind
Average Rating: None

Cabeem is Gary's popular take on Same Game, which is not as well known as Tetris but just as addicting! A pleasant appearance and a unique, admin-style live statistics feature (press 'S' during the game to see this) are among the many strong points of this game.   submitted 03/17/04

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