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4. Paper Dodge
5. Jugglers
6. Space is Key 2
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9. Moose Jump
10. A-Safe Rack Attack
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5. Bloody Rage
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  Favorite Games (100)
51Thing Thing 2 (1870kb)
by [Diseased Productions]
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Category: Action > Platform Shooter
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 35 / 141834 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.89 of 5.00 (from 81 ratings)

Fight your way through hoardes of enemies and earn new weapon upgrades in this new Thing-Thing game.   submitted 10/3/05
52Aqua Energizer (475kb)
by [MiniClip.com]
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Category: Mind > Strategy
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 55 / 281369 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.53 of 5.00 (from 207 ratings)

You play as Nemo the fish on an adventure. You pass each level you must put all the red balls into the energizer so Nemo can transport to the next level. Test your wits and may you succeed.   submitted 10/29/02
53Double Wires (30kb)
by [dofi dofi (d-of-i)]
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Category: Action > Platform Scroller
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 44 / 162202 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.85 of 5.00 (from 211 ratings)

The aim of the game is to get as far as you can, swinging around on wires attached to your hands, like spiderman.   submitted 10/30/06
54PowerPuff Girls Doujin: Battle in Megaville (4886kb)
by [Haileon Games]
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Category: Action > Fighting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 51 / 182969 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.29 of 5.00 (from 166 ratings)

Powerpuff Girls battle it out! Up to 6 playable characters. A fan made fighting game featuring 6 playable characters with two extra unlockable characters. Story lines, juggling combo system, and a Gir Mini-game. A must play for any PPG Doujin fan.   submitted 01/16/07
55Alien Hominid (1991kb)
by [synj industries]
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Category: Action > Platform Scroller
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 43 / 179398 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.75 of 5.00 (from 154 ratings)

Alien Hominid is a fast-paced 2D side scroller where players must run, jump and shoot their way across the globe in persuit of the alien's coveted UFO. The artwork is completely hand-drawn and hand-animated, with character design by Dan Paladin   submitted 04/28/05
56Tactical Assassin (1040kb)
by Simon Hason
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Target Shooting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 45 / 178936 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.90 of 5.00 (from 124 ratings)

You are an assassin. Read the briefing for each mission carefully and take out your targets. This version contains 7 missions. Can you complete all seven? CHAPTER ONE -Mission One: The Keyless Door [NOKEY] -Mission Two: Weapons Cache [CACHE] -Mission Three: Last Steps [STEPS] -Mission Four: Subway Station [TRAIN] CHAPTER TWO -Mission Five: Ethnic Cleansing [CLEAN] -Mission Six: Dockside Meeting [DOCKS] -Mission Seven: The Rendevous [PANIC]   submitted 12/24/05
57Chaos Faction (5624kb)
by [Dissolute Productions]
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Category: Action > Fighting
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 38 / 135103 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.13 of 5.00 (from 96 ratings)

When you complete an area, you will unlock it’s special character and special weapon for use in the rest of the game. The arenas are split in 3 different difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. When you complete the 4 default arenas in each section, you will unlock the last arena in that section. You will unlock the very last level when you have completed all other levels. There are a total of 18 characters and 15 levels. Chaos Faction has 29 different weapons, which randomly appear during play in crates. To pick up a weapon, just run into it. There are 6 different powerups which randomly appear during play. Become the last man standing in the arena.   submitted 02/7/07
58Crash Down (245kb)
by [MiniClip.com]
- view all games by author

Category: Mind > Match and Link
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 32 / 161816 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.61 of 5.00 (from 80 ratings)

Make the blocsk disappear before it fills up to the top. Click on any color where three or more of the same colors connect. The more that connects the better.   submitted 10/9/02
593D Logic Game (195kb)
by Alex Matveev
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Category: Mind > Puzzle
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 61 / 225229 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.22 of 5.00 (from 235 ratings)

Link every pair of like-colored markers to complete a cube. You cannot link cells diagonally. If you break an existing link reselect the broken link color by clicking on one of the two markers, then plug the gaps. Black cells are blocked.   submitted 09/26/06
60Bow Man 2 (102kb)
by Marik Ishtar
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Category: Outdoor Sports > Archery
Format: Flash
Avg Play: 44 / 163477 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 4.06 of 5.00 (from 53 ratings)

Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse! Click on the game 'settings' link in the main menu to alter game parameters. Please note: 'Show Index' displays the angle and power of your shot when you pull back an arrow. 'Critical Hit' doubles the damage if the shooting angle exceeds 45 degrees. 'Vitality' is the number of hits needed to kill an opponent or die.   submitted 09/26/06

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