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  What is Java?


Anyone involved with technology should remember all the hype about Java. Java is basically a object-oriented programming language that is suppose to work on all operating systems, which means it can be executed on Windows, Mac, Unix, and everything else. On this site, games made in Java are call applets. Applets, unlike full applications, can be run directly on a web browser. Because of this, many security features were implemented into Java. This limited Java applets from performing many tasks that may damage your computer which is a good thing for the users.

To play a game made in Java, you will need a Java enabled Browser or download the lastest Java Plugin so you can run Java applets written in the lastest versions of the language.

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  What is Flash, and Shockwave?
Flash and Shockwave technology are both products of Macromedia, Inc. They allow you to create vector-based animation for both the web and off-line presentations. Flash is the more available technology because it is easier to use. You'll find many cool flash games on this site. Flash games usually have better graphics and much more stable. Shockwave is for the high-end developer because it has powerful programming features which usually result in a more sophisticated game.

To play games made in Flash or Shockwave, just download and install the plug-in. Flash is usually included with many browers.

Download Macromedia Shockwave Player (include Flash Player)

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