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  Most Played (100)
21TurboTanks (43kb)
by M Edvardsson
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Target Shooting
Format: Java 1.1
Avg Play: 24 / 110853 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.76 of 5.00 (from 50 ratings)

A dynamic web game with tanks and bouncing cannonballs.   submitted 10/28/03
22Real Space 2 - Emperor's Revenge
by [Arcadetown]
- view all games by author

Category: Action > Platform Shooter
Format: Java
Avg Play: 21 / 118107 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.89 of 5.00 (from 85 ratings)

The Terrans with their United Fleet have laid waste to the Katuri homeworld. Gather our remaining Katuri forces, push back the Terran defilers, and take revenge by destroying their homeworld... the Earth!   submitted 05/1/01
23Podman (148kb)
by [Javalovers Webdesign]
- view all games by author

Category: Classics > Pacman
Format: Java 1.1
Avg Play: 20 / 99107 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.33 of 5.00 (from 9 ratings)

A fast-paced Pacman clone with cool design and funny sound effects. There's a nifty teleporter and a Queen bug that lays eggs, filling up the maze that you've just cleared. Oh No! Better grab her quick before you have to do the level all over again!   submitted 12/6/02
24The Flowering Nose (500kb)
by [Radical Play]
- view all games by author

Category: Adventure
Format: Java
Avg Play: 17 / 78412 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 2.96 of 5.00 (from 26 ratings)

The Flowering Nose, the creature from the gardens. An adventure game with worlds to discover, mysteries to solve and creatures to fight.   submitted 02/28/04
by Karl Honell
- view all games by author

Category: Adventure
Format: Java
Avg Play: 17 / 96216 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 1.89 of 5.00 (from 18 ratings)

A 4-way scrolling arcade adventure and part strategy game. Now it includes an extra version for some Windows browsers with defective graphics routines that used to mess up the background.   submitted 10/16/98
26Basket Online
by [Antioco Fonnesu]
- view all games by author

Category: Outdoor Sports > Basketball
Format: Java
Avg Play: 17 / 95812 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 1.82 of 5.00 (from 17 ratings)

Try your skills at this great foul shooting game. It has great graphics and game control. Just use your smarts to get the ball in the hoop.   submitted 10/5/98
27Online pool (150kb)
by [funkypool.com]
- view all games by author

Category: Indoor Sports > Billiard
Format: Java
Avg Play: 17 / 75655 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.10 of 5.00 (from 31 ratings)

funkypool.com is a place to chat and play a simple easy 8 ball pool game against an online opponent. Rules are pretty much pub standard. This game is quick and addictive.   submitted 03/10/04
28Castle Marrach
by [Skotos Tech]
- view all games by author

Category: Adventure > RPG
Format: Java
Avg Play: 16 / 84760 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 2.23 of 5.00 (from 22 ratings)

You awaken in a small guest chamber, deep within the Castle Marrach. Who are you? How did you come to be here? You explore the labyrinthine corridors of the Castle and the questions multiply. Why has the drawbridge not been let down in living memory? How does the Castle replenish its supplies? Intrigue, mystery, romance, and fantasy combine in the story of Castle Marrach.   submitted 05/30/02
29Mr. Platfoot (100kb)
by Christian Hvid
- view all games by author

Category: Adventure
Format: Java 1.1
Avg Play: 15 / 65950 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 2.83 of 5.00 (from 6 ratings)

Guide the great mr. Platfoot on a mind-boggling adventure filled with dangers, puzzles and surprises.   submitted 10/6/04
30Diib's Dilemma (200kb)
by [Random Thoughts Entertainment, LLC]
- view all games by author

Category: Adventure
Format: Java
Avg Play: 15 / 64496 (per day / total)
Avg Rating: 3.77 of 5.00 (from 22 ratings)

Become an apprentice wizard in this fantasy themed action/strategy game. Delve into the spellcasting side of the world of Mythica as you fight through the mysterious tower to which you were banished. Master a diverse list of 40 spells as you battle.   submitted 02/2/00

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